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TNW Networks Announces Deployment of iPCS Mobile Service and its Entrance into the Canadian Mobile Market to Provide Nationwide Mobile Services

iPCS Wi-Node’s Home Public Mobile Network (HPMN) Extension Technology Complies with CRTC Telecom Regulatory Policy 2015-177 and Telecom Decision 2017-56

VANCOUVER, March 6, 2017 – Vancouver-based Investel Capital Corp is pleased to unveil details of its Smartphone-over-IP (SoIP) iPCS Wi-Node technology and its latest patent application filings related to PCT/CA2016/051262 submitted on October 31, 2016 with a priority date of October 30, 2015.

The complete patent application filling is available at:

The iPCS mobile service is scheduled to be deployed in April 2017 through Investel’s wholly-owned subsidiary, TNW Wireless Inc. (TNW) on its wireless network. iPCS permits users to remain connected to TNW’s Home Public Mobile Network (HPMN) while located within its licensed spectrum territory (in-territory) but where TNW Wireless signal is not available as well as when outside its licensed territory (out-of-territory) through the use of private networks all while assuring its end-users full availability, quality and reliability of services. iPCS Wi-Node will therefore provide coverage in areas where TNW does not have spectrum and/or fill in wireless coverage gaps in areas where TNW does have spectrum, but has not yet deployed network facilities.

“We welcome last week’s CRTC decision 2017-56 which now provides guidance on the use of wireless network extension technology and methods through private networks versus the use of public networks (or what the CRTC refers to as Carrier Wi-Fi versus Public Wi-Fi) in conjunction with the incidental use of the wholesale roaming services,” commented Lawry Trevor-Deutsch Managing Partner at Investel. “The decision is a major milestone in the development of the Canadian wireless market and iPCS was developed several years ago on this very premise.”

The CRTC has stated that Carrier Wi-Fi using cellular protocol is an effective and appropriate technology model for providing wireless services. iPCS Wi-Nodes enable TNW’s wireless subscribers to use their service in remote locations both within or outside its licensed spectrum area through the use of embedded private network technologies which backhauls connectivity to TNW’s closest physical (e)NodeB Wireless Base Station (BTS).

Through Wi-Node Gateways, subscribers make use of the TNW’s licensed radio frequency of its Radio Access Network (RAN) remotely in order to maintain registration and communication with TNW’s HPMN core network for Voice, Data and SMS services. Users’ smartphones connect on a private network over Internet Protocol (IP) similar to cellular protocol such that the Home NodeB IuH interfaces (3G networks) or S1 interfaces over IP (4G/LTE networks) for connection to a BTS. TNW’s RAN, the Wi-Node gateways and iPCS private network interface form a single inseparable network.

While using iPCS Wi-Node, users’ devices de-register from any roaming partner network which halts the use of any Visited Public Mobile Network (VPMN) spectrum and in most cases automatically turns off the smartphone cellular radio while at the same time uses TNW’s licenced spectrum through a private network connection via fixed Ethernet USB cable adaptor or Wi-Fi.

Incidental use of wholesale roaming service occurs in real time when the Wi-Node gateway connectivity is lost on the private network and therefore the cellular radio is turned back on and registration to a roaming network is re-established. This occurs without any interruption of an in-call voice or Internet connection other than a few second pause. As wholesale roaming agreements are on non-exclusive basis, iPCS controllers undertake real time load balancing and select which wholesale roaming partner network is to be used with each incidental roaming session. This optimizes the data consumption ratio between TNW’s HPMN and the individual VPMN partner networks.

Since 2013, the development of iPCS was undertaken with the support of the Canadian Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Incentive Program (SR&ED).

“Even though the rules for the use of incidental wholesale roaming services and a clear path for compliance methodology have been defined by the CRTC, at this stage due to their strong position in the industry, we still expect to receive some pushback from the wireless incumbents.” stated Sandeep Panesar CEO of TNW Wireless “However the CRTC has clarified the direction that the wireless operators need to take in order to enable stronger competition across the country. At the same time the decision provides a strong indication on the CRTC’s position on the use of private networks as home networks for the purpose of roaming. We are confident that our innovative approach will disrupt mobile services in Canada and result in better prices for Canadians.”

The decision suggests that iPCS Wi-Node’s will facilitate competition which will be to the benefit of Canadians and will promote investment by operators into the development of more innovative technologies and high quality networks.

“The use of the iPCS Wi-Node private network system to remotely connect to our 850MHz licensed spectrum gateways also supports the spirit of the fair networks radio frequency usage balance between wireless operators expressed in the latest CRTC telecom decisions,” added Mr. Trevor-Deutsch. “While the CRTC has not yet addressed whetherCarrier Wi-Fi can be considered part of a home network for the purpose of roaming, the Commission has provided an indication of the use of such networks as part of a wireless operator’s home network.”

Investel will soon make an announcement about residential and business private networks and Internet services.

About TNW Wireless Inc.

TNW Wireless Inc. (formerly known as RuralCom Corporation) is a licensed wireless operator offering wholesale and retail service in Canada and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Investel Capital Corporation. The company currently holds 25MHz bandwidth tier-2 850 MHz licenses which provide service to the northwest region of Canada and global communication services through its proprietary iPCS Smartphone-over-IP technology.

About TNW Networks Corp

TNW Networks Corp is a national telecommunication service provider in Canada. TNW operates in three distinct product areas; fixed and wireless connectivity, data centers and cloud, and social media technology. TNW provides services to governments, major carriers, enterprises, small and medium sized businesses as well as to residential users on its own telecommunications infrastructure as well as a variety of underlying carriers.

About iPCS™

iPCS is an international patent pending IP only mobile technology licensed by Investel Capital Corporation to TNW Wireless and is one of the cornerstones for a new mobile telecommunications paradigm. iPCS is full featured cloud based technology which breaks the mobile paradigm of one SIM tied to one use and one device and is compatible with any Smartphone.

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