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Investel provides unique sector-focused capabilities. Industry expertise leading to growth and profitability is our core competency. This capability has led to a number of telecom investment opportunities and buyouts.

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Small and medium sized telecom companies often have fixed overheads which are disproportionately high for their operations. Investel can significantly reduce these overheads by providing many services within our own overhead structure. Variable costs are also reduced by allowing companies to benefit from our economies of scale.

Why Choose Investel

Investel is a leading-edge international firm focused on businesses in the field of telecom technology-enabled services.

The declining cost of IT Telecom infrastructure combined with pervasive connectivity has created opportunities for new companies to penetrate large markets and change the competitive landscape.

Our Strengths

We are here to support all aspects of your telecom business.

Investel maintains a strong strategic and inter-disciplinary approach to business development. We can provide your business with the full range of services that are required to be a success in the industry.

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