Telecom Investment

telecom investment

Investel provides unique sector-focused capabilities. Industry expertise leading to growth and profitability is our core competency. This capability has led to a number of telecom investment opportunities and buyouts.

Infrastructure Strategy

Small and medium sized telecom companies often have fixed overheads which are disproportionately high for their operations. Investel can significantly reduce these overheads by providing many services within our own overhead structure. Variable costs are also reduced by allowing companies to benefit from our economies of scale.

Why Choose Investel

Investe leading egdeInvestel is a leading-edge international firm focused on businesses in the field of telecom technology-enabled services.

The declining cost of IT Telecom infrastructure combined with pervasive connectivity has created opportunities for new companies to penetrate large markets and change the competitive landscape.


Telecom Sub Sector of Interest

  • Business Deployment Manpower
  • Business iPBX, Voice and Data service
  • Data Centers and Cloud Services
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • IPTV Service Provider
  • MPLS, Ethernet and High Availability Networks
  • Rebiller/Reseller Telecom Services
  • Regional Cable Operators
  • Regional GSM Mobile Operator
  • Tower, Microwave & Fiber Networks
  • Voice Gateway in Emerging Countries
  • VoIP Residential Service Provider