Our Strengths

We are here to support all aspects of your telecom business.

Investel maintains a strong strategic and inter-disciplinary approach to business development. We can provide your business with the full range of services that are required to be a success in the industry.

Success Strategies

Investel regularly interacts with all major players in the telecom industry. Our contacts have proven invaluable to the businesses with which we work.

Business Planning

Investel in an expert in the development of business, strategic, and operational plans which can be used as the blue prints for growth.

Investment Tips

Investel will assist you in optimizing your investment decisions, ensuring that precious resources will provide the best return on investment.

Access to Human Resources

Investel has an experienced human resources department which can provide managerial, financial, administrative, and technical expertise as required.

Environment & Efficiency

Investel will help you make your business more efficient through economies of scale and access to our full range of operations, therefore reducing your overhead.

Finance & Grants

Investel provides quick funding (within 24 hours) for emergency turnaround. We also have access to funding for growth and all government support programs in the industry.